Myrtow Beach Kefalonia

The largest island of the ionian sea with Lefkas to the north and zante to the south.
Kefalonia is the island with the most imposing scenery:magical caves,small green plains,verdant mountainsides, crags deep blue see and garden beaches
harmoniously combined together offer the visitor a unigue selection of tours and excursious.
From the traditional Fiskardo (north end) to the fascinating villages of Livatho (south), Kefalonia reveals to the visitor a glimpse of paradise at every turn.
The island has dozens of picturesque villages and small towns, with architerture and tradition all their own,surrounded by enchanting nature.
Kefalonia has something different to offer to every visitor,it can fulfill every taste.
Leave your selves to its arm for an unforgettable vacation.
On the south of Livathos in a distance of 1 km from the crystal clear beaches of Spartia beach and Thermanti 7 km from our capitol Argostoli in area dressed in green, set idyllic village, Spartia. Detached houses with gardens full of flowers,picturesque taverns, cafeterias with a view to the sea, cheerful people, as well as home made products like olive oil,wine and honey, capture any visitor from the very first time.
So we are expecting for you to come either as visitors or as resident inhabitants as it is lately accostumed.